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World’s Largest Public Transport Global Interoperability Event with NFC Mobile Devices Held In Berlin

Laurent Sourgen, Officer and Board Member of the NFC Forum Presented Keynote Address Berlin, Germany, in the heart of Western Europe, was the site of the world’s largest global RF interoperability demonstration between public transport fare management infrastructures and NFC mobile devices including public transportRead more »

NFC Public Transport:  From Vision To Reality Presentation Available For Download

By Mobility, Identity and Transport (MIT) Special Interest Group (SIG) Co-Chairs Joerg Schmidt, Infineon and Cord Bartels, BSI. The NFC Forum Transport Special Interest Working Group recently released a presentation outlining the necessary steps to incorporate contactless standards using NFC technology forRead more »

NFC + IoT = Opportunity: Simplifying IoT With NFC In Smart Homes White Paper Now Available

April 22, 1889. Oklahoma, United States. Thousands of people on horses and in wagons rushed into Oklahoma to lay claim to unassigned government land for homesteading.   May 11, 2016. California, United States. Thousands of people rushed into the InternetRead more »

NFC Forum Chairman Shares Thoughts on HCE and Looks For Feedback: HCE Advantages, Challenges and Developing Standards

I was reminded recently of the NFC Forum’s statement regarding Host Card Emulation (HCE) we issued in March, 2014. What jogged my memory was a discussion I had with the Executive Director of the NFC Forum Paula Hunter about her presentations at the Host Card Emulation (HCE) Summit in New YorkRead more »

VISIONFC Event This June in Dallas, Texas Features 16 Speakers Over Two Days

Keynote Speaker: Forrester Research’s Frank E. Gillett , Vice President and Principal Analyst We are trying something new in Dallas this month and, frankly, this member meeting will be a bit different from other member meetings we’ve had in the past. The special event weRead more »

Why Reinvent The Wheel?  NFC Marketing Toolkit Saves Members’ Time And Money With Ready-To-Use NFC Content and Images

The NFC Forum’s Marketing Toolkit was created to make marketing NFC products and services easier for manufacturers and implementers when training employees and selling and communicating with customers about NFC technology. The toolkit is free, online and resources are downloadable. “To encourage usageRead more »

Passenger Transport asked NFC Forum Executive Director Paula Hunter to provide some insight into the technology and what it means for public transportation.

Alas, Wells Fargo cannot claim a first with cardless ATM transactions, but it can claim credit for all-in implementation, with a simultaneous rollout of both NFC- and code-based programs (starting in the second quarter and the second half of 2016,Read more »

Mobile payment systems have come a long way. First there was cash, and then checks. Cards stepped in next, and the cards migrated to phones, and now most recently we have wearable devices. There have been complaints about the wearables beingRead more »

In what is being billed as the largest Internet of Things deal to “switch on” the apparel and footwear industry