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For release: 01 Sep 2009


New Business through NFC technology

BULLETIN 1.9.2009

Nokia, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, and the City of Oulu are forerunners in NFC, the touch technology spreading around the world. This has led the NFC Forum to hold their member meeting in Oulu as part of Oulu NFC Week. Over 150 representatives of NFC Forum member companies have arrived in Oulu from throughout Asia, Europe and the United States to continue the work of advancing NFC. Oulu NFC Week, arranged by Oulu Innovation, the City of Oulu, VTT , Nokia, and Technopolis, in cooperation with Invest in Finland, includes many events promoting the use of NFC technology to generate new business opportunities.

“All of us at the NFC Forum are pleased to participate in Oulu NFC Week,” said Paula Berger, NFC Forum Executive Director. “The event brings together global leaders from throughout the NFC ecosystem to discuss ideas, share progress and make plans. These activities are essential to the NFC Forum’s mission of advancing the use of NFC technology worldwide. In addition, because the city of Oulu’s widespread use of NFC technology provides such vivid proof of the positive impact NFC can have on consumers, businesses and communities, Oulu NFC Week truly showcases the future in a very tangible, very exciting way.”

Oulu has a strong tradition of cooperation between companies, research institutes and public administration in the birth of new applications and new areas of business. The first cooperative NFC-related projects were started in Oulu as early as in 2004. “Our strong network of companies and international research activities in the ICT area provides a good basis for developing business in the future,” stated VTT’s Technology Director, Jussi Paakkari.

Hosting the NFC Forum member meeting in Oulu emphasises the significance of local know-how. “By strengthening knowledge, developing services and building cooperation, we are creating new business,” continued Oulu’s Deputy Mayor Timo Kenakkala. A good example of Oulu’s attractiveness as a business city was Matchmaking Forum organized by Technopolis on the 1st and 2nd September. During the event a couple of hundred one-to-one meetings took place between NFC-Forum members and Finnish and European ICTcompanies.

“Nokia is a founding member of the NFC Forum, and is actively involved in the development of NFC solutions. Cooperation with various industry players both in developing NFC technology and trialing new NFC applications is a prerequisite for
global NFC business,” says Peter Preuss, NFC Business Development Manager, Nokia.

Since its founding in 2004, the NFC Forum has released 11 technical specifications and two candidate specifications. These specifications provide a “road map” to enable all interested parties to create powerful new consumer-driven products. NFC Forum specifications also help ensure smooth interoperability with earlier
NFC implementations and existing contactless infrastructure. The NFC Forum is currently completing its core specifications and its compliance program to further advance the use of NFC technology.

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    • VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland: Jussi Paakkari, [email protected], (+358 40 5485286)



    • Oulu NFC Week/Oulu Innovation Oy: Janne Mustonen, [email protected], (+358 45 675 2929)