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For release: 01 Dec 2011


Toppan Forms Co., Ltd. has announced today that it will establish Toppan Forms Payment Service (TFPS) and it will begin operations from the 1st of December, 2011.  TFPS will be providing a payment settlement platform for Near Field Communications (NFC) and contactless based payment services.

Toppan Forms currently provides hardware and software development, consulting and sales for NFC devices and modules that comply with international NFC standards (ISO/IEC 18092, ISO/IEC 21481).

TFPS will leverage its payment settlement platform off the collaboration between Toppan Forms and Hewlett Packard Japan which was announced in February 2011 and scheduled for completion by the end of the year.  With the forecast growth in NFC based payments, TFPS aims to grow the platform through strategic partnerships with major domestic eMoney and credit card services as well as various foreign payment settlement services.  The TFPS payment settlement platform is scheduled to be in service from April 2012.


Company Details:

Trading name

Toppan Forms Payment Service (TFPS)

Company Representative

Jirō Kurobane

Company Address

Higashi Shimbashi 1-7-3, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan (Toppan Forms Building)


December 2011

Beginning of Operations

April 2012

Area of Operations

Internet Information System and Communication Network planning, designing and developing.

Providing services related to payment processing and eCommerce over the internet.  Collection agency and related business.

Starting Capital

300,000,000 JPY

Major Shareholders

Toppan Forms Co., Ltd. (100%)


TFPS will be providing the payment settlement platform for the “nanaco” payment brand owned by Seven Card Services (a subsidiary of Seven & I Holdings).  To improve the buying experience for merchants and end users, TFPS will be targeting other domestic and foreign eMoney and credit card services to offer over its settlement platform which will be available in Japan.

As the payment settlement industry is still developing, TFPS is looking to build strategic partnerships with key companies in the telecommunication, internet search and payment terminal industries to further develop the payment settlement ecosystem.

Toppan Forms is aiming to have TFPS generating 5,000,000,000 JPY in revenue annually by 2015


About NFC(Near Field Communication:ISO/IEC18092、21481) 

NFC is a technology jointly created by NXP (formerly Philips Semiconductors) and Sony.  It uses the 13.56 MHz frequency and was established as an international standard in 2004 as ISO/IEC 18092.  FeliCa by Sony and MIFARE by NXP are both compatible with NFC technology.

NFC Functions

Peer to peer mode

Two NFC devices are able to exchange information to share data.  Peer to peer mode will allow two devices to decide on the best second frequency (i.e. Bluetooth, WiFi) to use to share larger files over.

Reader/Writer mode

The NFC device can read NFC tags and cards .

Card Emulation mode

The NFC device can emulate a contactless or NFC card, allowing for compatibility with existing contactless infrastructure.

* nanaco” is a trademark of Seven Card Service Co., Ltd.

* MIFARE is a trademark of NXP Semiconductors

* FeliCa is the contactless IC card technology developed by Sony Corporation.

* FeliCa is a trademark of Sony Corporation.

* Bluetooth is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Inc.

* All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.