NFC is a standards-based short-range wireless connectivity technology that makes your smartphones, wearables, tablets and other devices even smarter.

NFC Smart Posters provide connection everywhere

NFC Smart Posters are stored on NFC Forum Tags allowing a connection to NFC enabled smartphones or smartwatch’s everywhere. There is no need for a power supply or a network connection to provide this connection. For example, a simple tap enables the smartphone user at:

  • the bus stop to get the information when his/her next bus will arrive
  • the price tag in retail stores to get special offers and additional information about the offered product
  • NFC touch points in the museum to get additional information about the shown exhibit
  • the signpost in the mountains to obtain the most interesting hiking track
  • the concert to connect with your favorite fan community
  • the empty taxi stand to initiate a phone call for ordering a taxi
  • the medicament package to read out the instruction leaflet for visually impaired users
  • the business card to share his/her contact data
  • the advertisement flyer to obtain the navigation target of the newly opened retail store

NFC Shares data

NFC allows the user to exchange data through a simple tap. For example, the user can:

  • Share fitness or health data between smartphone/smartwatch and your personal health device
  • Share contact data between two smartphones

NFC connects two devices together

NFC provides a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection between two devices through a simple tap without the need to enter PIN codes or other credentials. With a simple tap the user can:

  • Play the music on his/her smartphone via Bluetooth loudspeakers
  • Share his/her photos with friends
  • Control his/her digital camera with the smartphone
  • Print his/her photos on a printer with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection
  • Share the phone book with the car multimedia system and enable hands-free equipment in the car

NFC provides access

NFC securely allows your smartphone or smartwatch to function as a key or ticket to:

  • Enter public transport systems
  • Open the door at home or at work
  • Open, configure and start your car
  • Check in at the hotel and to open the hotel door
  • Enter concerts, theaters or museums

NFC enables your smartphone / smartwatch as your wallet

NFC allows you to pay securely with your smartphone / smartwatch* with a simple tap without the need to use a camera or scanner to read QR-codes.

NFC recharges your IoT devices

NFC technology can charge small devices.  A single antenna in the IoT Device is used for power transfer and NFC communication and allows for simple and small IoT device designs.

Wireless charging can be used for example to charge:

  • Bluetooth headsets
  • Smartwatches
  • Fitness Trackers
  • GPS trackers

Key growth areas for NFC include IoT, automotive, public transport and the well-established retail and payment sector.