Wireless Charging and Wayfinding Mark Front-and-Center in 2022

The NFC Forum member meeting concluded recently with a couple of surprises.

First, although, since the Pandemic, we’ve held these meetings virtually, interest remains high with close to 100 companies attending parts of the virtual four-day member meeting.

The second surprise was the unveiling of the new NFC Wayfinding brand mark during the member meeting. The Wayfinding brand mark is a new global identifier to increase interoperability and improve the user experience of NFC connected applications and use cases. The Wayfinding Mark System will provide designers and product manufacturers flexibility while enhancing those brands that integrate contactless connections in their consumer journey. For more information on the Wayfinding Mark click here.

At every member meeting, the special interest groups (Automotive, IoT, Mobility, Identity & Transport, and Retail & Payment) and task forces discuss the work being done and share their thoughts on what the future looks like for NFC technology. One of the most promising new NFC applications discussed was wireless charging and the new specifications recently released (WLC 2.0). The WLC 2.0 makes it easier and more convenient to charge low-power devices such as wireless earbuds, smart watches, digital stylus pens, headsets, fitness trackers and other consumer products using smartphones and other NFC-enabled devices at a power transfer rate of up to one watt. To learn more about the new Wireless Charging specifications click here.

“Wireless charging and the wayfinding mark are two key efforts for the NFC Forum in 2022 according to feedback at the member meeting,” said Mike McCamon, NFC Forum Executive Director “the next member meeting will also be virtual and is scheduled for March”.

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