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For release: 03 Nov 2009


Hagenberg, Vyí Brod, November 2009

NEXPERTS has implemented an innovative tourist guiding system with its partner cruso from Berlin, Germany, at Vyí Brod Monastery. Visitors can rent a special NFC-enabled guide that gives them textual, graphical and audio information on all important sights in the monastery. The multilingual system is triggered by touching a point near the sights to start the guidance. Thereby visitors can explore the content in the language they require just by a simple touch.

In contrast to normal museum guidance systems the cruso solution can be used indoor and outdoor and offers in addition to NFC for starting the explanations also a GPS antenna to allow city tour applications. The NFC technology can also be used to load and redeem tickets on the device.
“We are delighted by the advantages the system provides to our visitors” says Prior Father Justin of Vyí Brod Monastery.

Dr. Klaus Zerbs, chairman of the supporting association for Vyí Brod Monastery adds “Every year between 25.000 and 30.000 visitors from many countries in the world come to the monastery. The NFC-enabled visitor guide makes explaining the treasures of Vyí Brod Monastery in different languages much easier and guarantees standardized high-quality information”.

“This project is a perfect example of a successful go-to-market approach for what NFC can do already today”, says Kurt Schmid, CEO of NEXPERTS. “We congratulate the monastery on this innovation.”


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