The NFC Forum brings the convenience of NFC technology to life. We empower organizations to deliver secure, tap-based interactions with an intuitive, reliable experience to users around the globe.


The goals of the NFC Forum are to:

  • Develop and publicly publish a rolling three-year use case, liaison, technical, and certification release roadmap.
  • Educate enterprises, service providers, and developers on how to deploy NFC technology to deliver impactful solutions and grow their businesses.
  • Emphasize the feature of “user intent” through programs, messaging, marketing, and the rollout of a visual identifier to inform users where to tap for action.
  • Enable NFC technology to deliver a consistently positive user experience in all NFC product form factors.
  • Continue to promote the compliance program, develop specifications, test mechanisms, and tools that ensure consistent, secure, and interoperable use cases worldwide.
  • Deliver increased member value for membership growth and revenue.

The NFC Forum provides a highly stable framework for extensive application development, seamless interoperable solutions, and security for NFC-enabled transactions. The NFC Forum has organized the efforts of dozens of member organizations by creating Committees and Working Groups.

The NFC Forum was founded in 2004 and only 18 months after its founding, the Forum formally outlined the architecture for NFC technology. The Forum has released 26 specifications to date. The specifications provide a “road map” that enable all interested parties to create powerful new consumer-driven products.

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