Steps to Certification

  1. Join: Become a member of the NFC Forum to enjoy membership benefits and start the Certification process, if your organization is not already a member.
  2. Prepare: Familiarize yourself with the NFC Forum Certification Policy and Device Requirements.
  3. Test: Determine which Authorized Test Lab meets your test your product(s) testing needs and schedule your testing.
  4. Report: Once testing at an Authorized Test Lab is complete, pay certification fees and agree to the NFC Forum Certification Policy during checkout.
  5. Apply: Assemble the package of all required Certification documents, and create a user account to securely submit your Certification documentation online to the NFC Forum.
  6. Promote: Once certified, it’s recommended that you add the Certification Mark to your site, product (if appropriate), packaging and collateral (according to the NFC Forum Certification Mark Guidelines). The mark may be used upon acceptance of the NFC Forum Certification Mark License Agreement and a one-time fee per registered organization. Also, be sure to share your product certification news with your customers.

*If you have certified a product in the past, log in to your account. You do not need to create a new one.

Learn more about the NFC Forum Certification Program by watching an overview webinar.