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Here’s the information you need to create training materials for your team, sales materials, in-store displays, packaging, etc. You can maintain the FAQ format or adapt the content in any way that you wish.

Where is the NFC touchpoint on my smartphone?2019-08-01T19:50:23+00:00

The location of a phone’s NFC touchpoint or “sweet spot” varies by manufacturer, although it is typically found on the back or top edge of the phone. To determine where the NFC touchpoint is positioned on your specific phone, please consult your owner’s manual.

What does NFC stand for?2020-03-02T20:18:07+00:00

NFC stands for Near Field Communication. NFC is only activated when your phone or other smart device is right next to a terminal or an NFC tag so you have complete control over what you choose to connect to.

How is NFC different from Bluetooth?2019-08-01T19:49:16+00:00

Bluetooth technology eliminates the use of cables to connect to your devices to one another. NFC technology is designed to work with Bluetooth. A simple tap will pair NFC and NFC-enabled Bluetooth devices for ongoing connectivity.

What is an NFC tag?2019-08-01T19:48:30+00:00

An NFC tag is an unpowered microchip that is embedded in a product label, retail display, a smart poster, or most places where you see this symbol (N-Mark). With just a tap from your smartphone or other NFC-enabled device, NFC tags deliver enhanced product information, activate special offers and power interactive experiences at museums or sports events.

What does the N-Mark symbol mean?2019-08-01T19:47:48+00:00

Whenever you see the N-Mark symbol, it means, “tap here” to learn more or to activate an NFC transaction or experience. You’ll find this symbol on NFC-enabled devices, in apps that support NFC, and on touchpoints around town and around the world.

How do I access NFC?2019-08-01T19:46:17+00:00

During setup, go to your setting menu, look for NFC (sometimes listed under “more”), turn it on, and you’re ready to go. There are no apps to download or codes to enter. And NFC does not drain your battery.

When a phone or device is NFC enabled what does that really mean?2019-08-01T19:44:51+00:00

NFC (Near Field Communication) technology makes your smart device smarter. It allows you to connect to a world of convenience, information, and enhanced experiences with just one tap.


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