Update on Anfield’s new entry process

Liverpool Football Club has trialled a new stadium entry process at back-to-back pre-season friendlies this week, with more than 80,000 supporters attending the two games over two days.

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Google Streamlines Its Titan Keys by Adding NFC and Ditching Bluetooth

Going forward, the two Titan Key models will offer the same features, just with different USB port options.

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Google offers new Titan Security Key options with NFC functionality

Google on Monday updated its lineup of Titan Security Keys available on the Google Store. The company now offers only two key options with both having Near Field Communication (NFC) functionality.

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Everything You Need to Know About NFC Technology

NFC stands for Near Field Communication and, as is painfully evident via the naming scheme, the technology allows for short-range communication between compatible handsets or devices. In order to make use of this, there is a need for one transmitting device and another device that should receive the signal from the first. There are multiple devices in existence that can make use of the NFC standard, for those of you wondering.

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NuCurrent showcases NFC charging at 3W, data rates up to 848 kb/s

The NFC Forum approved the Global Wireless Charging (WLC) specification last year with the new standard making it possible to wirelessly charge small, battery-powered consumer and IoT devices with a smartphone or other NFC charging device at a power transfer rate of up to one watt

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Remarkable 2 vs Fujitsu Quaderno A5 2nd Gen

The Remarkable 2 and Fujitsu Quaderno A5 second generation are two of the fastest E INK writing tablets on the market. These two devices are very similar in terms of the hardware and software experience. They both allow you to freehand draw, take notes, read PDF files and also edit them. Are you on the fence about buying either of these two devices?

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NFC Brings Wireless Settings Control to Manufacturers

A solution from STMicroelectronics and Feig Electronic enables a single tag and long-range Feig readers to adjust settings on assembly lines, as well as provide inventory management and phone-based access to device use and operation data.

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The latest fragrance from Paco Rabanne has an NFC function

A virtual debit card lets you skip transferring money to a bank account.

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Verizon Business signs 5G contactless payment deal with Mastercard (using NFC technology).

The Verizon Business tie up with Mastercard aims to utilise 5G smartphones and near-field communication (NFC) technology for merchants to accept customer payments without the need for point-of-sale (POS) terminals.

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Users in the States will now be able to pay in stores with a Google Pay virtual card

Starting this week, users in the States will be able to pay using their Google Pay balance via NFC. The app will offer a virtual card that you can use in-store. Of course, this feature will only work on phones that support NFC and in stores that have NFC as a payment option.

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