Connecting the Unconnected: NFC Today

A quarter of the people on the planet – two billion people – have a near field communication (NFC) device and they probably don’t even know it.  Or how to use it.  NFC technology comes as a standard feature on most smartphones and is the easiest way to commission, connect and control an Internet-of-things (IoT) device or NFC tag.  This presentation provides an overview on the newest IoT technology solutions and the resulting end-user experience in the IoT segment.

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What the Tech? Touchless payments

Can you catch the deadly Coronavirus from a dollar bill? The Federal Reserve is taking no chances by holding shipments of cash that had previously been in Asia. The CDC says it is possible to contract the virus by touching objects that have come in contact with it but stopped short of warning consumers about using cash and coins.

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EMVCo adds support for IoT payments

Payments standards body EMVCo has extended its security evaluation methodologies and processes to include support for IoT products and solutions, “enabling emerging solutions and devices to be evaluated quickly and efficiently”.

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Engagement Today and Tomorrow: The Various Use Cases of NFC in the IoT World

When a person interacts with connected devices and interactive technology, they tend to have a few basic expectations: it should be fast, be safe and provide a valuable experience. Meeting these expectations benefits both sides of the equation — the user and the company providing the technology — and this is especially true as people and organizations look to connect more technologies for convenience and functionality.

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31.3%+ growth for Mobile Payment Market Size raising to USD 5528.23 Billion by 2025

Latest research report on ‘Mobile Payment Market’ delivers a comprehensive study on current market trends. The outcome also includes revenue forecasts, statistics, market valuations which illustrates its growth trends and competitive landscape as well as the key players in the business.

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Panthronics launches charger IC

Panthronics has launched a charger IC which substantially increases power output and reduces wireless charging time for earbuds, lifestyle-tracker wristbands and other small devices.

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NFC-Enabled Mobile Wallets 2020 Market To Top $1 Trillion In Transactions

NFC-enabled mobile wallets will top $1 trillion in transactions this year according to data gathered by Predictions call for mobile wallet transaction value to double in only three years with the number of mobile wallet users jumping to one billion in 2020.

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IoT Retail Market to Exceed $112.19 million by 2026 – Global Opportunity Insights & Strategic Recommendations

Global IoT Retail Market is accounted for $22.45 million in 2017 and is expected to reach $112.19 million by 2026 growing at a CAGR of 19.5% during the forecast period.

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Mobile Wallets to Become $1trn Industry this Year

The global shift towards a cashless society presents a huge opportunity for mobile wallets, with millions of people using this payment method. Mobile wallets wiped out the need for carrying money while reducing the chances of theft or losing currency. These conveniences are expected to continue driving the impressive market growth, in both consumer and the business segment.

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