HED Technologies Joins NFC Forum As First Startup Implementer


Disruption. Innovation. Risk. Reward.

Starting a technology company can be one of the most rewarding experiences in an individual’s career.

It is also one of the most nerve-wracking.

It’s an experience that tests the limits of one’s drive, talent and tenacity. A little bit of luck helps too. I know. I’ve been there. My background includes experiencing the highs and lows of working at a couple startups. At those companies I worked alongside some of the best people I’ve ever met, had a number of successes and probably drank way too much coffee.

This experience of mine was one of the catalysts for developing a new NFC Forum membership level for startup technology companies. The new membership level is called the Startup Implementer Membership and is open to companies with revenue under $5 million (USD) and incorporated in the last five years. The fee is $2500 per year.

On the one hand, the NFC Forum, now in its 12th year with 160 global member companies, has the technical information, working groups and members to be of great value to a startup technology company. Membership in the NFC Forum provides a short-cut for young, early-stage companies to get the information and customer access to bring their product or service to market faster.

However, the benefits are not all one-sided. I believe the introduction of new companies to the NFC Forum will help cross-pollinate and energize the entire NFC ecosystem. With NFC now a standard feature on mobile handsets and other mobile devices, and analysts predicting two billion NFC-enabled mobile devices to be in use by the end of this year, NFC technology is poised for accelerated innovation, reward and, maybe, disruption. Membership in the NFC Forum will help mitigate some of the technical and market risks for a startup company that plans to bring products or services to market in the payment, transport, Internet-of-Things (IoT) or other market sector.

Recently, HED Technologies took advantage of the Startup Implementer Membership to join the NFC Forum. Based in Switzerland, HED Technologies is a startup developing high-end wireless audio products for the consumer market.

“I’d like to thank the NFC Forum for making this technology more accessible to smaller companies which require more help during the early days,” said Jose Barrera, Project Director, HED Technologies.

Some of the key NFC Forum Startup Implementer benefits include:

  • Access to the NFC Forum members-only website and key industry technology adopters;
  • Opportunity to serve in leadership or participate in Special Interest Groups and Task Forces including: Payment, Transport, IoT, Automotive, Retail and Healthcare;
  • Free access to NFC Forum technical specifications and the opportunity to participate in the Certification Program.
  • Participation at three yearly membership meetings, one each in Europe, North America and Asia.
  • Networking opportunities with the largest mobile, payment, and consumer electronics brands in the world

Startup Implementer Membership details are here: https://nfc-forum.org/calling-nfc-startups/

Fill out the NFC Forum membership application here

Please contact me with your questions or comments about the Startup Implementer Membership. I can be reached at [email protected].