Every day millions of people use NFC-enabled devices to connect to a world of convenience, information, and enhanced experiences at home, around town, or when they travel. New uses or NFC tap technology are being developed every day.

Our toolkit is designed to help you keep pace with this momentum and create materials that inspire even greater NFC adoption. You’ll find suggested language and graphics for packaging, downloadable sales force training materials, ideas for engaging marketers, important brand guideline information, and more.

This is a dynamic workspace that will continue to grow and reflect the needs and ideas of everyone who creates NFC-enabled products, services, and experiences. More about Why NFC?

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This guide is built around you. If you have any questions about how to use it, or suggestions of tools you’d like us to add, please let us know.

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We’ve included suggested language, visual graphics for packaging, and other materials to help customers understand the full benefits and value of NFC.


From in-store sales materials to staff training, this toolkit delivers downloadable graphics that are ready for you to customize. Turn more shoppers into buyers.


Explore how NFC can deepen brand relationships and energize sales. NFC tags add an unprecedented level of interaction to your campaigns.


You’ll find the marketing essentials you need all in one place – from idea generation, to suggested language, and brand guidelines.

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The N-Mark ►

This symbol means, “tap here” to learn more or to activate an NFC transaction or experience. It‘s a critical and highly visible marketing element so we’ve included everything you need to know to use it effectively.

Marketing Resources ►

It‘s ready to go – a library of posters, graphics, and other elements that you can use right now or easily customize for your organization.