6 Tips for Reaching Connected Consumers

The era of the “connected consumer” is here – and it’s not just millennials. People of all ages and backgrounds are turning to the internet to interact with digital content, services, experiences, and brands. They’re going online for entertainment, education, knowledge, social sharing, and commerce. And they’re staying connected – wherever they go and whatever they do.

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Advancing NFC Technology in the Connected World

NFC lets you connect to a world of convenience, information, and enhanced experiences with just one tap. Revolutionizing our everyday activities, NFC offers companies and developers the opportunity to innovate in many exciting directions. Some of the areas where NFC Forum members are collaborating and making an impact in the connected world include…

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Bluetooth Simple Secure Pairing with NFC

Make your device, wearable, or accessory stand out with an exceptional user experience using Bluetooth Simple Secure Pairing with NFC

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