The graphics below are ready for you to download. Click on each to get access to a zip file containing an Adobe Illustrator file, jpg, png and pdf file . We encourage you to be creative and adapt these graphics to your brand. The vector files are provided so you can lift pieces from the graphics and use them any way you want on packaging, manuals, displays, posters, flyers, etc.

We do have one important caveat. In everything you create, please make sure that you adhere to the requirements and confines of the N-Mark guidelines.

Become an NFC Expert (In Less Than 10 Minutes)
Answers to the questions your customers will ask—a quick training course.

The World of NFC
A visual overview—with icons for every experience.

Where is the NFC Touchpoint on your Phone?
A visual guide to locating the NFC antenna on different smartphones.

I’m NFC Ready! (shelf talker signs)
Make sure that your customers can find the NFC devices they want.

NFC Makes Your Smartphone Smarter(rack card)
An NFC primer for smartphone shoppers.