NFC Forum Product Registration Form for Certification
In this document, you specify the product that you are submitting for certification

NFC Forum Organization Registration Form for Certification
Organizations applying for certification for the first time must submit an Organization Registration Form for Certification. This form requires you to provide your Company ID, issued by the NFC Forum. If your company has certified a product in the past, you do not need to submit this form again. If you do not know your Company ID, please ask your primary NFC Forum contact for it or email [email protected].

This tool is used by the vendor to state device class and the capabilities of the product. It is also used by the Authorized Test Lab to create a Test Plan and Test Results for the product. The TPG tool has replaced the Implementation Conformance Statement (ICS), Implementation eXtra Information for Testing (IXIT) and the Implementation Test Plan (ITP).

NFC Forum Certification Inheritance Acknowledgement Form
This document shall be used in case your product will inherit test results from a previous certified product

NFC Forum Certification Re-brand Acknowledgement Form
This document shall be used in case your product will be re-branded

NFC Forum Certification Re-name Acknowledgement Form
This document shall be used in case your product use an unaltered NFC implementation

What documents do I need to attach when I apply for certification?
The table below provides a list of required documents that are needed when applying for certification. The required documents depend on the certification application; new, inherited, renamed or rebranded.

Request for New Certification Track

If you have identified the need for a new Certification Track that the NFC Forum should offer, please complete this form and send it to [email protected] for consideration.

Compliance Committee Glossary Document

The Compliance Committee Glossary Document explains the most relevant terms used in the
Certification documents.


The NFC has established cooperation and Liaisons with other Industry Standards Development Organizations (SDOs) for the improvement and acceptance of NFC Technology. Such cooperation provides members and industry to leverage and take advantage of synergy between various technology solutions. View the current Liaison Partners here.


Legal Documents

Testing Documents

NFC Forum Certification is to a declared version of the NFC Forum Devices Requirements. All reference documents, forms, and templates necessary to certify to a particular version of the Devices Requirements are collected together in a Certification Release to aid the supplier in identifying the correct documents. See the Active Releases for the Certification Releases currently in effect. There may be more than one Certification Release associated with a particular version of the Devices Requirements to allow for changes to the supporting documents used in the certification process.

The Test Case Categories List (TCCL) identifies and categorizes all NFC Forum Test Cases in effect at any point in time. The TCCL is independent of any particular Certification Release.