Device Requirements

NFC Forum certification is available for specific Certification Releases, which are defined in an NFC Forum Device Requirements document. The NFC Forum Device Requirements documents define the applicable versions of the Specifications which apply, and the detailed requirements that a conformant product must meet in order to be certified.

A product may be certified to any currently authorized release.  Releases other than a currently authorized release will not be accepted for certification.

Active Versions

New implementations may be certified to and NFC Forum Device Requirements listed below up until the Expiry Date for that version.

Version Authorized for Use Expiry Date
Devices Requirements v2.0 September 2017
Devices Requirements v2.1 TBD


Expired Versions

Implementations certified to an NFC Forum Device Requirements listed below remain certified, and such implementations may be updated and maintained.  No new certifications to the terminated release are allowed.

Version Authorized for Use Expiry Date
Device Requirements v1.0 December 2010 December  23, 2012
Device Requirements v1.1 July 2012 December 31, 2014
Device Requirements v1.2 October 2012 June 30, 2015
Device Requirements v1.3 January 2014 February 2018
Device Requirements v1.4 September 2016 February 2018
Device Requirements v1.5 December 2016 September, 2017