NFC Forum members worked jointly to develop specifications, and associated testing requirements, to ensure that compliant devices behave consistently.

It is the manufacturer’s responsibility to ensure that at all times each of their products meets the applicable certification requirements and continues to pass the tests that were in force at the time of certification, independent of any changes made.

The NFC Forum publishes new versions of its Specifications and collates them into consistent sets, called Certification Releases, to aid product procurement, development, certification, and testing.

Certification Policy

Certification is made available for specific Certification Releases.

Active Certification Releases: Active Certification Releases includes a list of currently active Certification Releases, the date the release was published, and the relevant device requirement document.  Active forms and reference documents relevant to Certification Releases can be found there too.

TCCL: The (TCCL) Test Case Categories List is a document that lists all NFC Forum Test Cases and their associated testing status. The TCCL is a reference document that can be updated at short notice without any update to the NFC Forum Test Specifications.

Expired Certification Releases: The list provides access to previous versions of testing documentation, if needed as a reference for earlier certified products.

Feedback: If you have comments or have identified potential discrepancies in the documentation, please provide us with your feedback.

Expired Test Releases