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Compliance Documentation Devices Requirements  (Version 2.1)

Devices Requirements v2.1 adds the requirements of Digital 2.1, Activity 2.0, Analog 2.1, T5T Operations, P2P Active Communication, Type 4 Tag Mapping Version 3.0, and clarifications and corrections to the test cases and associated testing documentation.

Note: The Certification Release 12 has not been launched yet. These documents are published for your information.

Technical Specifications

Available at/our-work/specifications-and-application-documents/

To ensure that you are working with the technical specifications and version of the specifications applicable to this release, please see the Devices Requirements document above.

Test Release 12.0 Forms

  • Implementation Conformance Statement (ICS)            (Version 2.1)
  • Implementation eXtra Information for Testing (IXIT)          (Version 2.1)
  • Implementation Test Plan                                           (Version 2.1)
  • Summary Test Report Template                                  (Version 2.1)

Testing Documentation