The NFC Forum has established policies and administrative processes to ensure the highest level of quality and consistency during certification testing.

Test Case Maintenance Process

This document defines rules for the creation, maintenance and change process of documents under the responsibility of the Compliance Committee (CC) and its sub-groups. It also describes the maintenance process of existing test cases over its life time.

NCIRP Process

This document describes the purposes, role, and composition of the NFC Forum Certification Issue Resolution Panel (NCIRP), as well as the responsibilities and activities of the individual participants.

Administrative Procedures for Test Tool Validation

This document describes the procedures to validate a test tool. Specialized test tools are essential to the formal NFC Forum certification testing process. An independent validation house, selected by the NFC Forum, will formally assess or validate the tool functionality to ensure that the test tools are suitable for their intended purpose.

Change Request Template

Use this template for Compliance Committee specific change requests.