About the program:

All major smartphone operating systems now support the NFC reader mode expanding the market for tag manufacturers and application providers. The Tag Certification Program from the NFC Forum supports this expansion, innovation and new product design features and functionality.

Who should certify?

Tag/inlay manufacturers

Why should you certify your tags?

  • To differentiate your tags from non-certified products and attract customers who prefer to purchase certified tags in order to make tag integrations more seamless
  • To increase the likelihood that customers have a predictable tag experience and that NFC-enabled products are interoperable
  • To confirm that tags conform with NFC Forum specifications, which are the most broadly supported tags in the industry, and attain test evidence that is preferred and/or required by other NFC Forum partner organizations
  • To secure your investment in the technology

What should you certify?

The combination of the antennae and IC. Additionally IC manufacturers may test their own ICs with their own antennae so that their customers can inherit their test results

Where should you certify your tags?

For a complete list of Authorized Test Labs for tag testing click here.

How do I certify?

Certification Process Overview
Steps to Certification
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