The NFC Forum Plugfest Program and the NFC Forum Certification program are the cornerstones of the NFC Forum Compliance Program.  These activities were established to facilitate interoperability between manufacturers by encouraging and facilitating the development and market availability of products that comply with NFC Forum specifications.

NFC Forum Plugfest Events

NFC Forum Plugfest events are designed to create a safe real-world environment where developers can verify device interaction across product implementations. All testing is confidential.

Please visit the Plugfest Event Page for full details on upcoming sessions.

Program Participation

Participants can engage in several ways during Plugfest events.

Testing Device to Device

The purpose of each Plugfest event is to bring a diverse group of participants together at a single location to verify the level of interaction of their products (from early prototype to final production devices) with those of other Plugfest participants.

Testing Library

The NFC Forum Interoperability Testing Library (IOT) of tags, smart posters, and NFC-enabled devices is available to Plugfest participants during the event. Participants can review the inventory to determine which samples are of interest. Learn more >

Testing with Conformance Tools

From time to time, compliance test tool vendors will bring prototypes of their tools to test new implementations. Learn more >