What is a Plugfest?

Plugfests are one-week events designed to create a safe, real-world environment where developers with NFC Forum specified devices can verify device interaction across product implementations. They offer NFC Forum members and non-members device-device interoperability testing, end-to-end data sharing, and access to a library of various NFC Forum tags, smart posters and NFC Forum devices.

Testing NFC Forum implementations in early stages of development can reveal issues in products and may uncover issues in the specifications used before bringing them to market. All testing is confidential and occurs under the confidentiality agreement. Members and non-members are invited to attend, but non-members will need to sign the NFC Forum NDA to participate. Reporting for Plugfest events is managed by an independent, neutral firm to ensure confidentiality.  Visit our Use Cases & Reporting page for more information on reporting.

Plugfest Testimonials

“NXP has participated in numerous Plugfests and has consistently concluded that it is time and money well spent to verify compliance of its products to the latest standards. NFC Forum Plugfests bring together an excellent mixture of well-known companies to start-ups who all learn a lot and benefit from both testing and idea exchanges. NXP encourages manufacturers and developers to take advantage of this opportunity by sending engineers to Plugfests to test and compare their products with others and do any necessary debugging and validation in an interactive debugging and testing setting.”

Henk Dannenberg, RFID Standards Architect, NXP Semiconductors

“Attending last year’s NFC Forum Plugfest was extremely beneficial to me as a test vendor. Not only did it provide me with an opportunity to test and debug Keysight’s latest pre-compliance analog test software on a variety of devices, but it also provided valuable test results on participates’ DUTs to help them fine-tune their designs before proceeding to certification. I will definitely participate again in the next Plugfest.”

Johnnie Hancock, Product Manager, Keysight Technologies

“During the Plugfest planned at Saarbrucken, KEOLABS had the opportunity to test several devices on the market based on the new CR11 Test Specification. These test sessions have been appreciated by the industrials to analyse the quality of their device and by KEOLABS in order to evaluate the capability of our solution. KEOLABS will participate, for sure, to the new Plugfests organized by the NFC Forum.”

Fabien Pollet, Account Manager Smartcard Solutions, KEOLABS

“Participating at NFC Forum Plugfests significantly helps us to verify compliance to the latest standards, gain an overview about available test benches, check out interoperability and compatibility between tags and readers practically, ascertain smooth interaction, but also to identify deviations, analyze and to fix issues and bugs and develop a common understanding for adopting standards. I strongly believe that all participants (no matter if tag, reader or test bench provider) gain knowledge to improve their own products at these events. Last, but not least, the hosts provided a perfect environment for the Plugfest.”

Joerg Schmidt, Business Development for NFC, Transport, and MNO, Infineon

“It was a very special honor for CTC advanced to host and NFC Plugfest in 2017 on our premises. We really appreciated the presence of our guests and their interest and openness to the topics of the agenda and the fruitful cooperation. It made us particularly proud that we received so much positive feedback after the event.”

Jens Feldmann, Global Lab Coordinator, CTC advanced GmbH

“Everyone in the NFC ecosystem wants to deploy products that work correctly. If only one involved component or implementation is not working as it should, customer experience and acceptance will suffer. That’s why the NFC Forum Plugfest is so important. It offers all involved players the opportunity to bring together their tags, NFC readers, and devices prior to launch. These four days of intense testing sessions with our NFC Forum conformance test solution, plus the discussions afterward have unveiled the last hiccups which can now be resolved. Thus, participating in the NFC Forum Plugfest contributes immensely to global interoperability.”

Dr. Michael Jahnich, CTC advanced GmbH, COMPRION

Why Attend an NFC Forum Plugfest?

Each Plugfest participant will be offered a Use Cases Guide and can engage in the following ways:

Device-to-Device Testing

Verify the level of interaction of your products (from early prototype to final production devices) with other participants’ devices.

Utilize the Interoperability Testing Library

The NFC Forum Interoperability Testing Library (IOT) of tags, smart posters, and NFC-enabled devices is available to Plugfest participants during the event. Participants can review the inventory to determine which samples are of interest.

Test with Conformance Tools

Compliance test tool vendors will occasionally bring prototypes of their tools used to test new implementations.

Participate in Test Tracks and Specialty Tracks

Specialty tracks are offered at some Plugfest events. At these events, attendees have the opportunity to check their solutions’ level of compatibility with

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