Compliance Testing Information

The NFC Forum and GCF are working together to support compliance testing of NFC Forum functionality for GCF certification. Per the terms of the agreement entered into, GCF may use NFC Forum developed test cases in its certification program provided that the testing is executed by NFC Forum licensed or Authorized Test Labs (ATLs). GCF RTOs that are not ATLs have the option to be licensed to use the GCF selected NFC Forum adopted test cases. Subject to successful completion of requirements similar to those in place for ATLs today, RTOs will be authorized to conduct the required NFC testing. The information below outlines the prerequisites for RTOs, necessary steps, the fee structure and other useful links.

NOTE: This program applies to GCF RTOs that are not NFC Forum Members. NFC Forum ATLs have a reduced fee schedule for quarterly testing services, and have unlimited access to the NFC Forum test cases, plus they receive additional member benefits. For more information about becoming a member, click here.


In order to be licensed to conduct NFC Forum testing, a lab must be a GCF RTO in good standing with GCF, sign an RTO Test Cases License Agreement (see below in Helpful Links & Downloads) and agree to comply with all the NFC Forum requirements.

Fee Structure:

$20,000 annually for NFC Forum Test Cases

RTOs pay an annual fee for use of the NFC Forum Test Cases and a quarterly fee based on testing services provided to their customers. Applicable fees are detailed in the Test Cases License Agreement.

Purchase RTO TEST Cases

Process Steps:

  1. RTO places an order for NFC Forum Test Cases initiated via NFC Forum Shopping Cart.
  2. RTO downloads RTO Test Cases License Agreement PDF, signs agreement and then sends to [email protected]
  3. NFC Forum verifies payment, and when credit card payment is not selected, initiates invoicing process.
  4. RTO emails NFC Forum confirmation of current GCF recognition and proof of insurance.
  5. When payment is received and verification completed, test cases will be sent to RTO by staff.
  6. RTO acquires NFC Forum approved test tool and provides proof of purchase, certificate of calibration and tool training to the Forum.
  7. RTO confirms readiness for ILCT and requests appropriate sample. NFC Forum sends ILCT sample and result template to RTO for testing.
  8. RTO submits ILCT results to NFC Forum for assessment.
  9. RTO requests Audit from one of the NFC Forum Qualified Auditors.
  10. Upon successful completion of ILCT and Audit, NFC Forum issues authorization to RTO to commence testing.