The NFC Forum Certification Mark serves as an indicator that a product has met the standards of the NFC Forum Compliance Program. Use of the Certification Mark is granted to NFC Forum Member once the NFC Forum Certification process is completed.

The information found here provides the guidelines for use of the NFC Forum Certification Mark. For more information about the program, consult our Certification Program FAQs.

The Certification Mark use is granted to NFC Forum Members once an NFC-enabled device or tag implementation has successfully completed the NFC Forum Certification process, accepted the NFC Forum Certification Mark License Agreement, and paid the $1,000 Certification Mark License fee. This is a one-time fee per registered organization.

Sign the License agreement and pay for your NFC Forum Certification Mark

The Certification Mark can be displayed on collateral, sales materials, websites, product packaging, and documentation to signify a product  meets global standards and establish credibility across the NFC ecosystem that products will perform consistently.

The NFC Forum Certification Mark Usage Guideline is provided with the Certification Mark and describes how to use the Certification Mark on supporting materials, packaging, and documentation to show your product meets global standards. Users should follow the guidelines for implementation to ensure global consistency.

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Registered Jurisdictions

The NFC Forum Certification Mark is registered in many countries. Learn more>