The NFC Forum Technical Committee has grouped the Technical Specification versions into releases to make clear which is the correct version to use when one specification references another.

The Technical Committee decides when a Technical Specification Release is complete. As soon a Technical Specification Release is complete, this release will be closed and a new release will be opened. The same version of a Technical Specification may belong to different Technical Specification Releases when this specification remains unchanged from the previous release.

A completed Technical Specification Release represents a stable set of features across all specifications of that release. Editorial modifications to specifications within a completed release do not change the version number but update the publication date.

The NFC Forum Technical Committee has also published a Glossary, which provides an overview of the glossary terms used throughout NFC Forum technical documents in a single location. Please note, this document applies only to glossary terms used by the NFC Forum Technical Committee.

NFC Forum Members can download specifications belonging to Specification Release 2019 directly from the member website. Non-members who wish to purchase NFC Forum specifications may do so here.