The international trade in counterfeit goods is currently worth around $460 billion a year – or four times greater than the value of drug trafficking. 1trueid aims to change the counterfeit goods black market with its anti-counterfeiting and traceability solutions. Their solution is the first secure digital identity enabler distributed in a Social Blockchain environment using different technologies, such as NFC, RAIN RFID, BTLE and PJM. You could call 1trueid’s unique solution a social IoT networking platform. 1trueid allows for the sharing and communication of intelligence between everyone involved in the design and manufacturing process of a product. Blockchain technology allows 1trueid’s system to track and confirm the owner and the authenticity of a manufactured product from start until finish.

Figure 1: 1trueid was named an NFC Innovation Award finalist in the “Best In-Market Implementation” category. As shown above, 1trueid’s simple platform and NFC technology allow for quick and easy item authentication. (Image Courtesy: 1trueid)

It works by creating a univocal secure code (Digital DNA©) for every item that a user wants traced and/or authenticated. For each of these items, 1trueid creates an encrypted key with SSL 128 bit for every transaction involving the item. Using cloud storage, 1trueid collects information on every transaction. An NFC application or web service through a smartphone or other NFC-enabled device reads the tag content, decrypts the information and displays data about the item’s authenticity or other features.

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“We used NFC technology because it allows for interaction with items tagged with a transponder by using a smartphone. This makes the process simple and reliable. From a technical point of view, the benefits of using NFC are that the chip memory allows us to generate encrypted codes protecting the entire 1trueid system, making our system more secure,” said Cristiano Bertossi, Business Developer for 1trueid.