The Internet of Things (IoT) promises a future in which physical objects of all kinds – from household systems to health monitors – can collect and exchange data. A future where businesses and consumers benefit from dramatic increases in efficiency, productivity, ease, and speed. If these predictions become reality, industrial machines will alert companies before they fail, traffic jams will be sharply reduced, homes and offices will be vastly more energy-efficient, chronic health conditions will be better managed and treated, and much more.

To achieve such a reality, however, there are many questions to answer, and a multitude of ways NFC technology is both enhancing and helping the IoT become a working reality. Explore further to discover ways NFC technology can enable, complement, and create new solutions for you, now and in the future.

 Solving Challenges to Implementing the IoT with NFC

Many of the challenges implementors face when executing the IoT are wondering how to ensure a network connection for an object, how a connected object knows a user’s intent, concerns regarding security, and connecting unpowered objects that lack nearby Internet access. NFC answers these:

  • Take advantage of Tap & Go when connecting devices and making a user’s intent clear. NFC makes the process of connecting devices easy and intuitive. There’s no lengthy handshaking or data entry requirements, simply tap and go. Similarly, a user’s intent becomes clear to a connected device using that same tap and go method to initiate action.
  • NFC offers data securitry at mutiple levels. Wide-open networks allow opportunities for hackers. NFC counters with built-in features that limit opportunities for eavesdropping, and easy-to-deploy options for additional protections to match each use case.
  • NFC solves the problem of unpowered objects that lack network access. By embedding NFC tags in unpowered, unconnected objects, you can add intelligence anywhere. With a tap of an NFC-enabled device, it can open a URL and provide access to online information.
Connecting The Unconnected: The Unique Power Of NFC In IoT Data Acquisition


Building A Stronger IoT Connection

Explore how NFC delivers benefits for consumers and manufacturers in control and troubleshooting assistance.


IoT And NFC: Better Together

Near Field Communication (NFC) and the Internet of Things (IoT) are better when they work together.


The NFC Advantage: Including NFC technology in your IoT plans

The IoT is redefining how consumers shop, travel, set up their home environment, stay healthy, and even manage their day-to-day lives. NFC simplifies all of this with just one tap. So, what does this mean for the tech-savvy brand?

  • Better data
  • Increased productivity
  • Product differentiation
  • More sales revenue
  • Greater user and shopper intelligence
  • Increased customer loyalty
MASTIS, a cloud-based facilities management system for building owners.


Tap for Info attaches digital content to any item with remote management.


TapLive is an NFC management system that simplifies mobile content delivery.


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