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Mobility, Identity, and Transport are increasingly intertwined. Electronic identities that represent and identify persons, organizations or technical components in the digital world are also of increasing relevance in mobility and transport. In the past, seamless travel was often limited to local or regional transport ticketing schemes which supported mainly public transportation. Today, multi-modal travel and Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) is a major global trend. Customers demand transport services that include all legs of their journey from the start to their final destination. In addition to public transport services, modes of transportation such as taxi, car rental or car sharing, bikes, scooters or ride-sharing must be supported.

NFC technology is playing a key role in these trends. By allowing a mobile phone to act as a contactless transport card (or as a card reader), NFC enables the millions of NFC-enabled devices in the marketplace to work seamlessly with the millions of contactless readers that Public Transport Operators (PTO) and Mobile Network Operators (MNO) have deployed globally.

A Future of Public Transport Interoperability

The widespread adoption of NFC in Public Transport requires the assurance that NFC-enabled devices will interoperate with existing Public Transport systems throughout the world. Working with industry organizations, standards bodies, and Public Transport Operators, the NFC Forum has succeeded in providing this assurance by harmonizing the specifications of mobile device NFC interface with those of Public Transport readers and cards. Test specifications have been amended accordingly.

These actions have provided Public Transport Operators, Mobile Network Operators, and handset manufacturers with a roadmap for accelerating the implementation of NFC-enabled mobile ticketing. The pieces are in place to enable Radio Frequency interoperability for Public Transport systems – without changing Public Transport infrastructures.

The opportune time to start preparing to include NFC in your Public Transport system? Now!

NFC and the Transport Industry


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The NFC Forum Mobility, Identity and Transport (MIT) Special Interest Group (SIG) is very active in the industry and has made tremendous progress in the past year. We welcome your input and participation.

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